How I Teach

Music is a gift to share and for many it is expressed through the voice.  Everyone can benefit from studying voice.  Whether the professional working on repertoire and performance practice, to the beginner learning to match pitch, every person can improve with lessons and work at home!  My teaching includes a very physiological approach based on the teaching of Jo Estill and the Estill Voice Training System in which the student is taught how to control the basic structures of the vocal anatomy and create the sounds which are desirable whatever the style of singing.

Singing is more than simply physical technique.   Strengthening  the whole person is paramount in teaching voice as the body (and soul)  is the instrument.   Learning about singing is often a door to learning about self and my studio is a “safe place” to explore those connections through music. I provide a supportive and encouraging environment for those who struggle with anxiety over performing and auditions with strategies to work through them.  I encourage frequent performing and try to find opportunities for students to “give back” as well.

I have taught in private and community colleges and maintained a private studio  for over twenty years.  My experience as a singer in opera, oratorio, musical theater, and as a recitalist as well as my profession as a choral conductor gives me a unique perspective in teaching.   I accept students of all ages, experience, and styles.