“As both a conductor and a voice teacher, Elisabeth was a huge source of inspiration for me! I first met Elisabeth when I began singing with St. Stephen Lutheran Church Choir, and began taking voice lessons with her when I was 13. Over the next five years, I received countless musical opportunities, singing as soloist and chorus member for major works such as Handel’s Messiah, Mozart Requiem, and Vaughan-Williams Dona nobis pacem. Elisabeth is a warm, energetic teacher who deeply cares about her students and fellow musicians. She is also extremely knowledgeable, and is exacting with her students while still being positive and encouraging. Besides vocal technique, Elisabeth covered, in detail, important areas such as diction and IPA, languages, musical interpretation, performance practice, and character analysis (for both solo and choral music). In essence, Elisabeth trains well-rounded, intelligent singers.

emily nElisabeth molded me into the musician I am today, and bolstered my confidence in myself not only as a singer, but as person. I decided to pursue a career in music as a direct result of her instruction and encouragement – I received Bachelor of Music, summa cum laude, from University of Oregon; Master of Music in Opera from University of British Columbia, and am currently a performer, music teacher, and manager of an emerging classical music nonprofit. My work with Elisabeth helped me achieve all these accomplishments!”   Emily Nelson, Portland, OR


“While growing up, I had always been extremely introverted.  Just the idea of speaking in public alone made my skin crawl, so clearly singing or playing guitar in public was out of the picture.  Despite my fear Elisabeth Southorn came along side me, seeing the potential that I had, and helped me conquer that very fear.  Ever since the first time I sang in front of my church congregation for the first time I have been constantly growing and perfecting my skills due to the foundational abilities and lessons that Elisabeth provided me.  Musicality aside, Elisabeth also opened my eyes to the needs of others and the call of social justice.  Through her concerts she displayed the perfect harmony of music and love for humankind.  I am now an accomplished musician, having been a worship pastor at a few churches and having studied in Worship Arts, all the while meeting the needs of the downtrodden.  Elisabeth’s impact on my life is no small thing; I can never thank her enough for all that she has done.”

Andrew Winter, Portland, OR

“I have always loved to sing and in high school I decided that I wanted to learn how to cultivate my voice so I started to  study with Elisabeth Southorn.  She helped me develop my voice and helped me gain the confidence I needed.  She encouraged me to sing solos and lead as a cantor in my church as well as sing with the choir and community chorus.  Our choir concerts always had a justice component and it was amazing to be a part of something  outside our little community.  With what Elisabeth taught me I learned to be a better and more confident singer and person in general who isn’t afraid to share my gifts and talents.”  Hillary Kugler, Lewis and Clark University, Portland, OR

 “When I began studying voice with Elisabeth Southorn, I had already been singing for people many decades.  In that study, I discovered a voice I never knew I had.  I found a wider range with more power, I learned about the mechanics of singing,  I learned about “onset” and proper warmup (sirens ~ ask) and singing posture and SO many other things that enhanced my joy in making music.  It was wonderful.”                  Janet Dunfee, Oregon City, Oregon

“After my last speech therapy, I studied with Elisabeth Southorn and learned so much about Voice!  I enjoyed discovering how complex speech/voice is and how many muscles are involved in producing sounds. Even though I’m in my 80’s, I am able to speak and, yes, sing confidently. Now I enjoy using my voice all the time.”                  Marti Pastore, Erie, PA